Support for advocates & educators

When a person has experienced sexual violence, it impacts them in ways that can be hard to predict and that can last for a lifetime

It may affect how they interface with key services, such as health and education, how they work or study, and what they feel able to do at different times. Sometimes they are aware of these impacts and sometimes not.

As a result, people who provide frontline services or who advocate on behalf of different groups may work with service users who need extra support and understanding because of their traumatic experience. It can help greatly to know why and what is happening.

In addition, people working on the frontline may sometimes encounter a person who is disclosing rape or sexual abuse for the first time and will need to know how best to respond to that situation.

Those offering support in the course of their professional role must take care to mind themselves too. It is very important to manage boundaries and know what they can and cannot do for their client or student.

Over time, a staff member may experience signs of stress or even vicarious, second-hand trauma from supporting survivors as part of their work.  It is critical that they seek help to address this, as it may spill over to affect their wider work and personal lives.

Remember that it is always possible to call the National Helpline 1800 778888 for support.

How we can support you

Our education and training team delivers courses for frontline staff and professionals designed to equip them to better understand and provide support and services to people traumatised by sexual violence. You can learn more on our training page.

We run youth programmes around awareness and prevention of sexual violence that aim to empower young people. Our staff and volunteers can organise talks in schools and to youth groups on issues like consent, media awareness and pornography – read more in our youth programmes section.

We have also created some resources that may be useful. 

Support from DRCC

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is a national organisation offering a wide range of services to people who are affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or childhood sexual abuse. These services include:

Visit our services page to learn more about DRCC supports or call the National Helpline at 1800 77 8888.