Youth programmes

A key aim of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is the prevention of sexual violence and as a result a number of education programmes, services and initiatives aimed at young people have been developed within the Youth Programmes section of our Education Department.

BodyRight prog.PNGCourses include the flagship BodyRight progamme,which is a sexual violence prevention and education programme that we offer for professionals working with young people through the facilitation of an in-depth training course. The  course focuses firstly on preparing and supporting those educating young people in these sensitive topics and secondly provides a manual of activities to deliver the messages appropriately. The programme covers the areas of sexual violence awareness, consent, support, sexting and online coercion.  Support, advice and training updates are also provided to those working with young people.

In addition, the Let’s Get Real programme and training around the influence of media, culture and pornography is available to those working in schools, youth groups and colleges who have already completed the BodyRight programme.

If you are interested in attending BodyRight please fill out the Registration of Interest form.

You can read more about these programmes on our training courses page.


ConsentUSI2Stands at college sexual awareness and rag weeks are among the services available through outreach.


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Campaign work is also a feature of youth programmes providing awareness and education on the prevention of sexual violence.

These include our #100consent campaign - read more on the campaign page.



We have developed some useful resources focused on young people and based on our training materials:


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