We need to raise almost €77,000 every week to ensure we maintain services and programmes at their present level.

We are always fundraising through public donations, trusts, foundations, strategic and philanthropic partnerships and government grants to make sure we achieve this. Each and every donation we receive helps us achieve our aims.

In all our fundraising activities, DRCC is committed to

  • Honesty and transparency – We publish an annual report and our audited accounts on our website.
  • Effective governance – The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring good governance systems and processes are in place, that all legal duties under charity law and, as much as possible, that best practice standards are met.
  • Commitment to Privacy – DRCC is committed to ensuring that we keep your data safe, whether you are a client, donor, volunteer or other stakeholder.

Our accounts are prepared annually in accordance with SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice for charities).

Annual audited accounts: