Education & training

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre delivers training to professionals and volunteers.

Our training is divided into two distinct areas in line with Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s goals to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of sexual violence: 

1. Awareness and Prevention Training and Support 

DRCC’s flagship BodyRight and #LetsGetReal programmes are for teachers, youth workers, and other professionals working with young people. These train-the-trainer courses, which we offer free of charge, aim to prevent sexual violence by building greater awareness among young people around important issues such as sexual consent, healthy relationships and the potential impact of pornography.  

2. Sexual Violence Awareness and Disclosure Trainings

We train frontline workers and other professionals to recognise sexual violence, to understand the impact of traumas like sexual violence, and to support someone who discloses to them.  

Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of client groups or organisations. We have specific training courses for different audiences; you can find details in the Training Courses section

We are also developing self-directed training courses to complement our live trainings.  

Who We Train 

We deliver training to organisations directly and some limited open training throughout the year open to individuals.

Some of the groups we delivered training to in 2023 include those working in: 

  • Frontline organisations (e.g. homeless services, addiction services, etc.) 
  • Private and corporate spheres (e.g. HR, client support) 
  • The Justice system (e.g. court services, international protection, consular assistance) 
  • Third Level Education sector and other educational organisations (e.g. students unions, teaching staff, administrators) 
  • Arts & Entertainment Sector 
  • Interpreters (sign and spoken language) 

Our Approach

We are uniquely positioned to provide training that is trauma informed. Our training focuses on the victim/survivor of sexual violence, while also exploring the impact on supporters when meeting disclosures.  

DRCC’s training is experiential, giving participants the chance to reflect on their own internal processes, as well as the presenting issues of sexual violence, sexual trauma and sensitively handling disclosures in an in-depth way.  

Given the sensitive nature of the issues being covered and the fact that they may resonate for some participants, our approach is invitational. Participation is encouraged, but without pressure.  

There is a strong theme throughout all our training courses around the importance of developing resourcing strategies for the worker. We speak about the issues of vicarious traumatisation, burnout and self-care.  

Our methodology for in-person and online training includes information input, group discussion, and case studies. 

Consultation, Guidance and Resources  

Our Education and Training Department also provides a consultation service and guidance on trauma-informed policies and resources.  

Our team regularly designs and share resources for various audiences, as well as providing various groups and organisations with information and guidance on all the areas above.  


For enquiries about education or training, please contact