Education & training

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre delivers training to professionals and volunteers. We provide regular training sessions for different audiences. You can see what training courses we have coming up by taking a look at our training calendar.

We also can deliver bespoke training on request, designing courses to meet the specific needs of client groups or organisations.

DRCC offers courses that aim to prevent sexual violence through greater awareness of such important issues as sexual consent and healthy relationships among young people, including our flagship BodyRight programme and the #LetsGetReal course.

In addition, DRCC organises  and engages in campaigning targeted at young people. You can read more about all this work in our youth programmes section

Our approach

Our training is trauma-informed and as well as focusing on victims of sexual violence, we focus on supporting those who are working with victims. 

The approach is invitational, with the sensitive nature of the issues being covered and the fact that they may resonate for participants acknowledged.  Participation is encouraged but without pressure.

There is a strong theme throughout of the importance of developing resourcing strategies for the worker, and the prevention of vicarious traumatisation and burnout. 

Our methodology includes information inputs, groups discussion, role play and case history. 

For enquiries about education or training, please contact