Philanthropic giving

Our goal is to to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of rape and other forms of sexual violence.

For more than forty years we have been at the forefront of the fight against sexual violence in Ireland, but only now are we seeing news of sexual violence dominating the headlines. This has led to an unprecedented demand for our counselling services, but with more survivors coming forward, our work is needed now more than ever.

But we need your strategic insight and financial support to ensure that our services are sustainable for victims and survivors of sexual assault. You can help us reduce the wait times for anyone who experiences this indiscriminate, life-altering trauma so that they receive the advice and clinical support they deserve.

Just as importantly, your investment can also bring about societal change through our advocacy work to end the tolerance of sexual assault. We have a platform at the highest levels of Irish government, but it is critical that we continue to fight for our clients to make their voices heard – making sure that their rights stay on the political agenda. We also need to commission and contribute to independent research that helps policy makers identify priority groups or policy areas. Examples might be the rights of the victim during a criminal trial or the housing rights of an individual who has been assaulted by a neighbour.

Working with us as a philanthropic partner will give you the opportunity to make an immediate difference to hundreds of Irish lives, while also creating a lasting legacy for societal change across our community. We will work collaboratively to ensure your significant support is invested where it will make the greatest impact and we will provide detailed reporting on your giving to ensure you fully understand the change you are creating for the areas of our work that mean the most to you, or to those that you represent.

To discuss philanthropic support with the DRCC, please contact Kirsty Cawthron, Head of Fundraising.