SAVI & SAVI Revisited (2005)

01 January 2005

DRCC 2005 SAVI_Revisited 2005
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Two reports combined: the original SAVI (Sexual Abuse & Violence in Ireland) study from 2002 and a follow up study, SAVI Revisited (2005).

The overall aim of SAVI Revisited study was to ascertain the long-term effects, if any, of disclosure of sexual abuse to another person when that disclosure has been in the context of a confidential telephone research interview. ‘Long-term’ is defined as 3 years after the initial interview. The original SAVI interviews were done in 2001 with the long-term study interviews conducted in 2004. The objectives were to compare the differential effects of a confidential telephone interview study about sexual abuse on three groups from SAVI: those who indicated they had not been abused; those who had experienced abuse and had reported to others previously; and those who reported abuse for the first time to another person as part of the SAVI study. The effects of most interest were whether the interview had a positive or negative impact on the participant’s well-being and if the interview had any impact on their uptake of professional services.