Christmas Appeal 2023

Christmas appeal

Christmas can be an isolating, stressful time for those who have been harmed by rape and sexual assault. Most victims and survivors never tell anyone or seek the support they need and deserve. Because they are very often silenced or blamed, social or family events like Christmas can become very difficult for them.  

Over 80% of survivors know their attacker; a quarter have been raped or assaulted by a partner. So, the holiday period can bring very painful reminders of past abuse for some, while home can be a dangerous place for those living with perpetrators.  


Last Christmas, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre supported a caller every hour over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephens Day on the freephone National Rape Crisis Helpline 1800 778888. Because survivors may need time to process what has happened, it can often be the new year before people come forward: We had twice as many contacts last January as in December.  

The important thing is that people do make contact. Please know that Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is there for you this holiday season.

You can view our office Christmas opening hours here.

If you are finding Christmas hard, call us  

if you’ve been harmed by sexual violence and find the holidays tough – please call the National Helpline 1800 778888 at any time, day or night. It is free, non-judgmental and confidential. You are not alone – we will listen, and we will support you. 

Someone you know is a survivor of sexual violence – make Christmas safer for them 

Central Statistics Office data shows half of women and well over a quarter of men have been harmed by sexual violence. So how you talk about sexual violence and how you react to harmful and hurtful behaviour and comments has a real impact for them. It shows them whether you are a safe person or not. This Christmas, please think about what you say, and call it out when others say or do harmful things. 

Help us do more for victims and survivors 

DRCC has seen sharp increases in those seeking its support, which reflects a growing need in society: The National 24-Hour Rape Crisis Helpline had 18,400 contacts in 2022, up 31% from the previous year. We accompanied a third more people in the justice system and 2.5 times more in the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit. The data is clear: sexual violence is pervasive in Ireland. 

Many people will seek our support in 2024. We are asking the public to help us do more for survivors. Please support our work by donating what you can to help us make Ireland a safer, healthier place for everyone. 

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