Survey Request from the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

21 August 2020


The publication of the review of Protections for Vulnerable Witnesses in the Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Offences, marks a significant advance in the recognition of the rights of victims of sexual offences

The report, written by NUI Galway academic and barrister Tom O’Malley, addresses the reality known to every victim who has reported a sexual offence: that Irish criminal law processes, procedures and personnel do not adequately understand the nature of sexual offences. Thus the rights of victims of these crimes are often ignored.

If the recommendations of the review are carried out, victims of sexual offences and other vulnerable victims will have greater access to justice and our whole society can have greater confidence in the justice system. 

  • What do we want from you?

To practically inform our 2018 submission we consulted victims of sexual offences and a number of legal practitioners, to obtain their expert insights. We were grateful back then to them allowing us add their thoughts to our observations.

In advance of the implementation plan we would like to do the same again. Hear your voice and ask that you allow us add your views to ours to help inform that plan.

  • Why do we want this information?

Initially, to share with the feedback with the Minster for Justice, Helen McEntee when she launches the DRCC Annual Report on September 7th 2020 and subsequently to use the responses received to inform the DRCC’s contribution to the implementation plan.

  • How can you get involved?

Between now and September 1st, 2020, we want as many people as possible who have engaged with the criminal justice system or considered it to fill in the questionnaire on our website and to share their thoughts and opinions with us.

Remember the National 24-Hour Helpline is always available for support on 1800 778888