16 Days Action Campaign 2018

#AskConsent The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s 16 Days of Action Campaign

The DRCC is taking the opportunity over the 16 Days of Action to raise awareness by repeating our Ask Consent Campaign. When consent is at the core of all sexual activity, we will have a society that is more responsible, informed and respectful. The idea behind the #AskConsent Campaign is awareness-raising; to get people talking about consent in the context of a sexual relationship. During these 16 Days of Action we want to build on consent awareness and reinforce an understanding of what consent means and when someone is in a position to give consent and when they are not.


This campaign is for everyone. Consent transcends gender and sexual orientation. We want the #AskConsent Campaign to benefit everyone. In promoting a consent culture we want to continue to change attitudes about what is and what is not appropriate behaviour.


What Can You Do?

With your help we want to create a twitter storm. Every hour for 12 hours a day during the 16 days we’ll tweet using our hashtag #AskConsent and we’ll leave the rest to you:-

  • You can Tweet. #AskConsent
  • You can Talk about Consent – Sex can be magical but not without Consent.
  • You can participate in our TWEET-ATHON on Thursday December 8th. Why not send us your very own Consent Selfie that day? Make sure to include #AskConsent
  • You can donate to help us continue our work of preventing and healing the trauma of rape and sexual abuse. Click here

During these 16 days we want to get people thinking, talking and most importantly ASKING…..

  • Never assume consent. #AskConsent
  • It is completely okay no say No. It’s as okay to say No as it is to say Yes #AskConsent
  • A hesitant, indifferent, unenthusiastic yes, is not a Yes. #AskConsent
  • No doesn’t mean convince me. #AskConsent

We have more information available on our 16 Days Consent Ezine so please Click Here

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