DRCC submission on Gender-Based Violence to Citizens Assembly March 2021

23 April 2021

DRCC submission on Gender-Based Violence to Citizens Assembly_March 2021
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Why is sexual violence an issue of gender inequality?

We will never have gender equality while sexual violence continues. Sexual violence – rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment - occur either because of a false sense of entitlement on the part of a person or group of people who believe that they can engage in sexual acts without the consent of the other. It also occurs when a person abuses the power that they have, or believe that they have, over another person.

This submission covers:

  • Solutions to the issue
  • A vision of what society might look like without this violence
  • What sexual violence is and covers
  • Effects of sexual violence
  • The culture surrounding sexual violence
  • Sexual violence and young people.

It was submitted to the Citizens Assembly on Gender equality on 13 March 2021.