Webinar on Workplace Sexual Harassment & Abuse

1 November 2021, 4:30pm - 6:00pm

You are cordially invited to attend a webinar to discuss our new discussion paper on the topic of workplace sexual harassment and abuse.

The webinar will take place via Zoom from 4:30 to 6:00pm on 1 November 2021 - please register at https://bit.ly/drccSH21 

The webinar aims to bring together relevant stakeholders to discuss alternative solutions to workplace sexual harassment and abuse. The discussion paper issued in October contains such suggestions as

  • an anonymous helpline to report abuse and provide information and advice or
  • online apps for reporting harassment, and
  • to explore other workplace approaches to addressing the culture of harassment that prevails in some workplaces.  

The paper also outlines the results of an online survey conducted by DRCC into the experiences of people who have been sexually harassed in the workplace, including very low reporting rates - you can read an overview in our press release or check out the discussion paper itself.

DRCC is inviting those interested in devising or engaging with new legal and other solutions to attend the event. We encourage attendees at the webinar to bring their own proposals to the gathering, which we intend to be an open platform for stakeholders to present ideas and to discuss other innovative legal developments in the area.

A panel of legal professionals and experts will inform and faciitate the discussion. These include solicitor & discussion paper co-author Máille Brady Bates, DRCC chief executive and solicitor Noeline Blackwell,  and Strategic Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager Marcellina Fogarty from University College Dublin - with further speakers to be confirmed. 

DRCC wants this webinar to be the starting point for a working group which will discuss, examine, and test proposed reforms that can combat workplace sexual harassment & abuse and provide solid mechanisms for victims to access justice

Following completion of this work, we envisage a public conference to disseminate and showcase the working group's findings.

** We would be most grateful if you could distribute this link to your networks who may be interested in the webinar. **

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