The SAVI Report – Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland
A experiences, beliefs and attitudes concerning sexual violence in Ireland.

Written by Hannah McGee, Rebecca Garavan, Mairead de Barra, Joanne Byrne and Ronan Conroy of the Health Services Research Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Sponsored by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Published by Liffey Press, 2002.

The SAVI report provides the results of the first national survey to assess sexual abuse and violence in Ireland.

It details specific information about the prevalence of sexual violence in relation to age and gender for over 3,000 adults, and identifies the barriers to accessing law enforcement, medical and therapeutic services for those abused and their families.

The study focuses not only on the responses of those abused, but also includes attitudes and perceptions of the general public to sexual violence, and the myths and negative attitudes that make disclosure difficult.

With concrete and specific recommendations for addressing this issue, The SAVI Report is a landmark national stusy of Irish experiences, beliefs and attitudes concerning sexual violence.

Download the SAVI Report.