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GE2020:  Your chance to address the scourge of sexual abuse and rape in Ireland

In the lead up to the general election, we will all be seeing candidates coming to our doors to present their manifestos and hear what matters to people on the ground. In the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, we know that sexual abuse and rape is a deep-rooted and destructive scourge on the lives of thousands of people.

This is a problem that requires a very big response. The next government must make it a priority to formulate an appropriate and holistic strategy that covers the various aspects of sexual violence in Ireland.

We are asking candidates and their parties in this election to answer a simple question:

Do you accept that there is a need for a more comprehensive state response to the endemic scourge of rape and sexual abuse in Ireland?

We would like people to ask this question of candidates calling to their doorsteps and to feed back their answers to us by-mail to consent@rcc.ie or via our social media channels:

We will then publish responses as we get them.

We are hoping that in their answers, candidates will address the various aspects of an appropriate state response, including in our budgeting, in the health system, in the justice system, in the education system and for the particular needs of children and young people. You can read a summary of our priorities in these areas online at http://bit.ly/DRCC2020pbs