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A Training Seminar for Managers, HR Professionals, Equality Officers, Trade Union Representatives, Members of Boards of Management and others in key roles

Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment can occur in any work place, with often devastating effects for the individuals involved and for the organisation. This training seminar will prepare those with responsibility for staff to prevent and deal with this important and potentially very damaging workplace issue.

Programme content

  • Understanding what is meant by bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Dynamics, impact and effects of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Legal framework, primary legislation and Codes of Practise
  • Employer obligation
  • Employee responsibilities
  • Facilitating the initial complaint of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Proactive approaches

The format and style of the training will be participative, and will include presentations, group discussions, and case studies/role plays.

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