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As a frontline organisation working with the victims of rape, sexual abuse and the effects on the family and friends of victims, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) would urge anyone affected by the further revelations in Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report that was published today, to avail of the support that is at the end of the 24 Hour National Helpline 1 800 77 88 88.

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive, DRCC said “Reading this chapter reminds not only the victims, but their families also, of how they were fobbed off year in year out by the authorities in the Church and made to wait and suffer years of further torment and turmoil, until they eventually got justice. The victims and their families stayed the course and some endured more than 15 years waiting to get justice in the criminal justice system. Today we can read the full truth of the extent of the sexual abuse of children by Tony Walsh and the cover up and the delays that further traumatised the victims and their families.

The victims of clerical sex abuse, who stayed the course, endured the delays and the undermining of their position, are owed a deep debt of gratitude by all of Irish Society. They showed tremendous courage and fortitude in the face of the denials and the cover-ups. Let us hope that this part of Irish History is well and truly in the past never to be repeated.”

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