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Reading the reports of the trial of a 52 year old man who was accused of systematically sexually abusing and raping his son over a period of three years, was more like reading about the trial of the 20 year old victim. Thankfully the jury found the father guilty on 47 counts of rape and sexual assault which occurred while the young man was aged between 12 and 15 years old.

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive, DRCC, said “This young man has shown tremendous courage and bravery in confronting his father for the horrendous crimes he visited upon his son and his family. This young man has done a great service on behalf of society in following through with this case and getting a conviction.

Today we read how the defence had applied to cross examine the young man on his past sexual history and been granted permission to do so. This in our opinion is a gross misuse by the legal system, of a trial procedure which should always be used sparingly in these cases. In a case of childhood sexual abuse we believe it has no place. There is no doubt but this was used in an attempt to discredit the victim. While the judge requested the media not to report on the content of this aspect of the trial, some media ignored this request and as a result have subjected this brave young man and his siblings to inappropriate public exposure and breached the family’s entitlement to anonymity.”

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