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The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) today broadly welcomed proposed new measures to enhance the protection of children from sexual exploitation and abuse, following the publication of the second Interim Report of the Oireachtas Committee on the Constitutional Amendment on Children.

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) said: “While the DRCC appreciates the complexities involved, we are concerned. The main concern is the length of time it is taking to produce these reports. But more importantly, there is a complete absence of the implementation of recommendations. While this is the Second Interim Report, there has been no implementation of the First Interim Report. How long is this process going to take?”

Angela McCarthy, Head of Clinical Services says: “This is a comprehensive and thoughtful report, in particular where it recommends an urgently needed review and codification of the law relating to sexual offences, including the creation of a specific offence of “child sexual abuse”. Over the thirty years of DRCC’s provision of services to victims of child sexual abuse, many victims have expressed to us their strong feelings of hurt, disbelief and dismay that there was no specific offence in Irish law of “child sexual abuse” to reflect accurately their experience of abuse. This is long overdue.”

Ellen O’Malley Dunlop says: “The area of child protection is complex and sensitive. There has been a concerted effort by this Committee to create a robust regime of protection for children, which is reflected in the 39 recommendations of the Report. We support the Committee’s recommendations on legislative changes where possible, but this whole area does need constitutional change, in order for us to be absolutely sure that our children are protected and their rights are enshrined in our constitution.”

For further information please contact:
Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, CEO – 01 661 4911 / 086 809 9618
Angela McCarthy, Head of Clinical Services 01 6614911 / 086 6017030

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