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On Friday night we saw Pat Kenny, one of our most formidable interviewers, fall under the spell of a convicted paedophile and fail to challenge any of the damaging myths and misinformation which this man articulated.

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre said “On Friday night the Late Late Show inappropriately interviewed a self confessed paedophile because he wanted to help and let people see what paedophiles are like. Whoever gave the O.K. for this man to be interviewed allowed themselves to be manipulated by him in a very dangerous way which is the way of all paedophiles. When we at the DRCC heard about this forthcoming interview we called RTE to ask them to put up our helpline phone number, which fortunately they did. We put on extra people on our helplines because we knew that this programme would cause great distress to victims and to their families. After the programme, we received an unprecedented number of calls from victims who were heartbroken to have been reminded of what they thought had been dealt with and was now part of their past, to victims who were very angry that this topic was being used for entertainment”.

The DRCC is always willing to share its vast experience to raise awareness about rape and sexual violence and its effects on its victims. We were very disappointed that RTE did not avail of our expertise in this instance, either as consultants or as part of a panel of experts in the field. We will be writing to the RTE Authority and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission to lodge our complaint. This is a very serious topic and one that deserves sensitive and informed responses, not a sensational interview followed by comedy.

For further information please contact:
Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, CEO – 01 661 4911 / 086 809 9618

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