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We at the DRCC are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision on the Mr. A case and the Mr. C case. We appreciate the complexity of this whole area from a legal perspective. From the perspective of the victims of sexual abuse and violence, it is a welcome response. However it is not good enough that this man will be freed in January 2007. Sentencing to date, of sexual offenders, is badly in need of review, as well as the whole area relating to sexual offences.

We welcome the All Party Committee which has been set up to review this whole area. The DRCC, with One in Four, CARI and the Cork Sexual Violence Centre met with Minister McDowell on Wednesday July 5th to ask him to expand the terms of reference of the All Party Committee. We will be making separate submissions to the Committee and we expect that the expanded terms of reference will be taken into consideration. We also suggest that a mapping strategy be developed whereby the broader issues are identified and dealt with over time. We also suggested that this Committee becomes a Standing Committee that can be informed by groups similar to ourselves, on an on-going basis.

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