“Volunteering for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has changed my life. I feel safe and cared for while doing very worthwhile and rewarding work.”

— Lucy

“I give a little time and I get to share the journey of some truly heroic people.”

— Mel

“What brought me to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre was a need within myself to do something that I perceived as worthwhile – that made a little difference – as I reflected on this fast paced, work oriented, consumer driven world – and questioned what is really important in life – what’s it all about?. While my motivation was to ‘give’ I realise now that I got back as much if not more than what I gave. Volunteering has taught me much and has facilitated me in meeting many needs within myself – that is the flip side of ‘giving’ through volunteering – meeting your own needs – needs which you have not admitted to yourself but are swirling around in your sub conscious. I stayed with Dublin Rape Crisis Centre as the approach is consistently professional and the support of paid staff was unfailing. I will look back on my time as a volunteer with fondness – overall the experience has been personally enriching”.

— Valerie

“It is hard to believe that my 2 years are almost up; they seem to have gone by so quickly. I have met some amazing people through my volunteer work and will always be so thankful I was given the opportunity to be involved with The centre.”

— Debbie