The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre provides group counseling for clients of the Centre who have experienced rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or childhood sexual abuse.

A safe, supportive environment

The aim of the group is to create a safe supportive environment where clients can explore together the impact of their experience, how they are coping currently in their lives and how they might move forward.

Groups are usually facilitated by two therapists and can run from six to twelve weeks depending on the type of group.

Currently, we run groups for women who have been raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed and these generally run for six weeks.

We also offer groups for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and these usually run for twelve weeks.

In addition, we offer groups for men who have experienced sexual violence.

From time to time we also run one day workshops on various topics.

In the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre we believe that group-work is an invaluable part of the counseling experience, offering clients a unique opportunity to make contact with others who have experienced similar difficulties in their lives. Group counseling provides clients a chance to listen and learn from each other.

If you would like more information, please phone us.

You can contact our counseling department on our National Helpline 1800 77 8888 or email