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HRH Visit to the DRCC

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall today visited Dublin Rape Crisis Centre to see how those working in the Centre and their colleagues help the victims of sexual violence

On her visit, The Duchess of Cornwall met with staff and volunteers of the centre who operate the National 24-Hour Helpline (1800 77 8888) and who receive approximately 1,000 calls every month from those who have experienced sexual violence and from those who support them as friends, family or professionals.  She also met with the Centre’s education team who provide training to approximately 1,300 people annually including, on occasion, British Embassy staff from Ireland and other parts of Europe whose work brings them in contact with victims of rape and other sexual abuse.

During the visit, The Duchess met privately with some victims/survivors of rape and sexual abuse to hear how the therapy provided by the Centre had helped them to cope with the grievous impact of sexual violence on their lives and to manage their lives in spite of it. The Centre sees about 500 clients annually, some of whom are victims of recent rape while others are in crisis about abuse that happened many years previously.

The Duchess of Cornwall also met representatives of other organisations with whom Dublin Rape Crisis Centre work closely, including representatives of the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, the Gardaí and several other Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland.

Noeline Blackwell, CEO of the Centre emphasised the importance of a wide-ranging, co-ordinated approach to ensure victims/ survivors receive all the support that they need whenever and wherever they need it, be that therapeutic or in the justice system.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Chairperson Ann Marie Gill said: “We are delighted that The Duchess of Cornwall, with her understanding and sustained commitment to Rape Crisis Centres, spent time with us today.  If we are to successfully combat sexual violence, our society has to become better at acknowledging the harm that it does and what is being done to counter that violence. The visit of The Duchess is a positive endorsement of the work of our staff, our volunteers and our colleagues and we are very grateful that she gave us this time


Spokesperson:  Noeline Blackwell, CEO Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Editor’s Notes:

  1. The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre as part of a visit to Ireland alongside The Prince of Wales from 10 – 12 May 2017.
  2. Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is a non-governmental, voluntary organisation which has as its mission to prevent the harm and heal the trauma of rape and sexual violence.
  3. We ask that when reporting on this topic, journalists remember that discussions on sexual violence can trigger personal trauma in those receiving the information. Where possible, please make reference to the National 24-hour helpline number 1800 77 88 88, which is run by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, for anyone who may be affected by the discussion.

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