Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Therapeutic Process

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 70 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2

Wed.10th, Thurs.11th, Wed 31st May and Thurs. 1st June, 2017

This four day training programme focuses on the impact of and the process of recovery from childhood sexual abuse, and enables participants to enhance their understanding and therapeutic skills in working with clients who were sexually abused in childhood. It is intended for psychotherapists/counsellors and others in a similar role who encounter this issue in their work and who wish to increase their understanding, sensitivity, skills and confidence in working with their clients.

Content of the course:

  • The impact of societal attitudes and myths on people who have experienced sexual violence
  • The impact of sexual abuse on the child, the adolescent and the adult
  • The counselling process in working with sexual abuse
  • Guidelines for facilitating a disclosure of sexual abuse
  • Working with trauma and preventing re-traumatisation
  • Creating safety and working with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder
  • Identifying and developing the resources of the client
  • Deepening the process: experiential work
  • Integration as part of the therapeutic process
  • Vicarious traumatisation and self care strategies for the counsellor

The training approach while participative and experiential is invitational, with the sensitive nature of the issues being covered and the fact that they may resonate for participants acknowledged.  Participation is encouraged but without pressure. The methods used include group discussion, lecture, case studies, videos, role plays, and experiential exercises. There is a strong theme throughout of the importance of developing resourcing strategies for the worker, and the prevention of vicarious traumatisation and burnout.

All participants receive comprehensive written documentation to support their learning and act as a resource in the future.

Due to the participative nature of this course, numbers are limited, so early booking is advised. The cost of the course is €395.00 which includes course materials, support documentation and teas/coffees. A €95 non-refundable deposit is necessary to secure a place.

Application: If you wish to participate in the training, please complete the application form and return with €95 non-refundable deposit to The Education Department, DRCC.

Please note that this training is intended for those in the role of psychotherapist/counsellor and focuses on the therapeutic process. DRCC also holds workshops on issues of sexual violence for those in other roles. Please contact us to enquire:

Education and Training Department, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 70 Leeson St Lower Dublin 2.
Telephone: 01 661 4911 email: