BodyRight : a Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Programme for Young People

The purpose of the BodyRight programme which has been developed by DRCC for use with young people in schools and alternative educational settings is to raise awareness as to what constitutes sexual violence, to educate young people concerning the facts, the law, the meaning and legal implications of consent and the impact of sexual violence.

Developed with funding provided by Cosc

It provides a space where students can, in a non-threatening environment, examine their own and others’ attitudes and behaviours with regard to sexual violence and explore how these attitudes affect the person who experiences sexual violence.

The programme aims to empower young people to stay safer by increasing their awareness and understanding, and by equipping them to develop skills to help them make their own decisions and to withstand coercion.

It offers them information on supports available to any young person who has experienced any form of sexual violence.

DRCC offers a three day Training Programme to Guidance Counsellors and other appropriate school staff and for staff of Youthreach Centres and other alternative educational settings to introduce them to the BodyRight programme and to equip them to facilitate it.

This programme has been developed with funding provided by Cosc, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

For further information contact Leonie O’Dowd or Jane Baird at 01 6614911, or email