Training & Development

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre offers an education and training service to professionals and volunteers who come into contact with issues of sexual violence, rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse in the course of their work.  We also provide training programmes on: Dignity at Work and preventing and dealing with bullying, harassment and sexual harassment for individuals and organisations.

Training Programmes at DRCC : Rape, Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse

DRCC provides training programmes at DRCC on issues of  rape, sexual assault  and child sexual abuse for professionals who want to develop their understanding and skills in the area of working with those who have experienced sexual violence. These training programmes range from introductory one day workshops on issues of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, to a twelve day training programme specifically for those in the role of counsellor or psychotherapist, which looks at working with the impact of all types of sexual violence. Read more

Training for organisations

DRCC provides training programmes on issues of sexual violence, rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse abuse in response to requests from individual organisations for training specific to their needs.  We also provide training in counselling and listening skills, telephone counselling, vicarious trauma and other relevant issues.  We have provided training for many community and voluntary organisations, and for many agencies in the state health sector.

Training programmes on Dignity at Work and Preventing and Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Training on Dignity at Work and Preventing and Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment is available to meet the needs of your particular organisation. Training is provided for managers, HR personnel, staff, Support Contact Persons and those assigned to carry out a formal investigation. These programmes are provided for businesses, the state sector and community and voluntary organisations. Regular seminars are scheduled at DRCC which can be attended by individual delegates. Read more

Training Programmes for those working with refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced sexual violence and other trauma funded by the Europeon Refugee Fund (ERF)

With the support of funding from the European Refugee Fund, and supported by the Office of the Minister for Integration and Pobal, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre offers a range of training programmes for staff working with clients who are asylum seekers and refugees. These training programmes are intended to enhance the capacity of participants to support clients who have experienced sexual violence and other trauma. These courses are subsidised.

All of the programmes provide information on the impact of trauma, and develop the skills of participants in working with this impact.  They also address the impact of vicarious traumatisation and develop the capacity of participants to prevent and deal with this impact on themselves. Read more

This project is co-financed by the European Commission under the European Refugee Fund and is supported by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality and Pobal.

A Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention programme for Young People

The BodyRight Programme has been developed by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre to raise awareness about sexual violence among young people, to support them in protecting themselves and to contribute to the prevention of sexual violence. The programme is designed to be used with young people from 15 years of age upwards.
The programme is delivered by experienced school and youthwork staff who have attended the intensive training provided by DRCC. BodyRight is designed to be delivered by two experienced professionals working together, at least one of whom has attended the BodyRight facilitator training with DRCC. This is to allow for the sensitivity of the topic, the experiential nature of the programme and the likelihood that for some of the young participants in any group the topics dealt with will resonate with their own experience. BodyRight is supported by funding from Cosc, the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.


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Approach to Training

Our training is provided within an ethos of non-violence and care for participants, and with respect for the existing knowledge and expertise of those who attend the training. We are aware that no matter how experienced the participant in training, the issues on which we provide training are powerful and sensitive and can resonate quite deeply. Our approach is participative and experiential, but invitational and without pressure and participants are encouraged and supported to take care towards themselves. This mirrors the approach to working with victims of trauma which we are advocating in our training.

To request information about our training programmes, please send details and your email address to