Dignity at Work: Preventing and Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

*More dates to be scheduled

A Training Seminar for Managers, HR Professionals, Equality Officers, Trade Union Representatives and others in key roles. Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment can occur in any work place with often devastating effects for the individuals involved and for the organisation. This training seminar will prepare those with responsibility for staff to address this important and potentially damaging workplace issue.

Dignity at Work:Preventing and Dealing with Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – The Role of the Support Contact Person

*More dates to be scheduled 

The aim of this training is to enable participants to become familiar with the role of the Support Contact Person/Designated Contact Person and to develop the knowledge and the skills to take on this role. The course content is both theoretical and experiential with plenty of opportunity for participants to develop the skills necessary for the role through the medium of role play and case studies. Those in the role of co-ordinator of a Support Contact panel might also benefit from attending this training.

Training Designed on Request

Training related to Dignity at Work and Managing for a Positive Workplace are also designed on request for organisations. These trainings can be for managers, staff, human resources, those taking on the role of Support Contact Person, Board members and others.  Please email etadmin@rcc.ie for more information.