BodyRight – A Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Programme for Young People

BodyRight was developed by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre with input from young people. Its purpose is to raise awareness of and to prevent sexual violence. To date, over 500 teachers, guidance counsellors, youth workers, chaplains and others who work with young people have been trained to deliver BodyRight in a wide range of settings.

BodyRight aims to increase awareness of the importance of respecting others; to allow young people to develop an understanding of what behaviours constitute sexual violence, harassment and sexualised bullying; to provide information on the law and to give young people a chance to consider and understand the meaning of consent to a sexual act.

We want to increase awareness of the nature of sexual violence and its impact and consequences and–crucially–to increase the ability of young people to protect themselves by developing their self awareness and capacity to resource themselves.

BodyRight is designed to be part of a wider programme

The BodyRight programme is not intended as a standalone programme, but should be integrated into an already existing social, personal, health and relationships and sexuality programme.

How is BodyRight delivered to young people?

  • Large group, small group and individual work
  • Case studies, role play, viewing of DVD of role play
  • Provision of information, helpline phone numbers.
  • Powerpoint presentation and flip chart/blackboard.
  • Developing awareness of and where appropriate respectfully challenging beliefs and attitudes as a core theme running through all sessions.
  • Experiential exercises, to be undertaken in mindful self awareness, by which is meant participants observing, noticing and being informed by their own internal experience.

Informing the Participants

Participation in this programme by young people should be informed and voluntary. There should be an explanation of what the programme entails, including reassurance that they will not be pressurised to participate beyond what is comfortable for them.

Those who complete BodyRight Training will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding issues with regard to child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and trauma
  2. Receive detailed guidelines on how to support young people who have experienced sexual violence or trauma
  3. Be equipped to deliver the BodyRight programme

Methodology of Facilitator Training

The training approach is participative and experiential. Methods used include group discussion, lecture, case studies, DVDs, audio tapes, role plays and experiential exercises.

Mentoring and Support for the Facilitators

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre offers support and further training to the facilitators as they deliver the programme. New content to meet emerging issues is developed on a continuing basis.

Schedule and More Information

Current Training Schedule

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The BodyRight Programme is part-funded by Cosc, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.