DRCC looking to hear from You #MeToo

The #MeToo movement has enabled millions of people, some for the first time, to name the harassment and abuse that they suffered. It brought about a climate where people are hearing how the same thing happened to others. It was a shift in the conversation because it broke the silence. It also highlighted gaps in accessing safe ways to raise concerns and to get an effective remedy.

16 Days of Activism 2017

The DRCC is taking the opportunity over the 16 Days of Action to raise awareness by repeating our Ask Consent Campaign. When consent is at the core of all sexual activity, we will have a society that is more responsible, informed and respectful

Ask Consent Campaign

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has teamed up with the Student Union of Ireland (USI) and White Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness on the issue of sexual consent. The Ask Consent campaign is a three week long national public awareness campaign funded by Cosc, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence and developed by the DRCC.