Service User Feedback

Feedback – Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

We in DRCC endeavour to provide you with a high quality service in all departments, and your feedback as a service user, both positive and negative, is always helpful to us in developing and improving our standards. We welcome any positive feedback you may wish to give. However, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, it is your right to raise a concern or make a complaint. Our complaints procedures for service-users are summarised below:

When a service user has a concern or complaint, she/he should, in the first instance, try to resolve the issue directly with the relevant member of staff. The objective of this approach is to resolve the difficulty with the minimum of conflict and stress for the individuals involved.

If this is not possible or appropriate, or if this does not resolve the matter, the service user should then consult the Designated Complaints Officer for the informal complaint procedure i.e. the relevant manager responsible for the service related to their complaint, as set out below.

If the complaint concerns the manager responsible for the service and the service user has been unable to resolve it with the manager, then she/he should contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

For Complaints relating to:                     Please refer to the relevant Manager below

Reception Staff                                           Head of Administration
Administration Staff                                    Head of Administration
Telephone Counselling Staff                      Head of Clinical Services
Therapists                                                  Head of Clinical Services
Volunteer Co-ordinators                             Head of Clinical Services
Volunteers                                                   Head of Clinical Services
Education Staff                                            Head of Education and Training
Fundraising Staff                                         CEO
Accounts Officer                                          CEO

All managers and the CEO may be contacted by ringing 1800 778888 during office hours. If they are not immediately available, the service user should leave their contact details, asking the manager or CEO to contact them. The manager or CEO will ensure that every effort is made to resolve the complaint.

If it is not possible to resolve the matter at the informal level, the formal approach may be applied.  The formal approach is dealt with by the CEO.

To see the full DRCC Complaints Policy and Procedures document please click below:-

DRCC Complaints Policy and Procedures for Service Users