DRCC Staff Comments

“Over the years of working here in the Centre, I have never ceased to be amazed and moved by the tremendous courage of the clients here. Every day bears testimony to the power of the human spirit, what it can, and does, endure and survive. Through many moments of talk and tears, hurt and pain, rage and many laughs too, I have had the privilege to sit with and bear witness to incredible journeys towards hope and healing. I am truly grateful.”

— Anne Marie, Counsellor

Group Therapy

“I feel privileged to sit and witness a group of strangers come together to form, support, share and care for themselves and each other. It fills me, as a counsellor, with hope and joy. Thank you.”

— Ruth, Counsellor

Counselling Team

“It is such a privilege to work with this group of men as they come together to share their experiences of hurt and pain. To see them move out of isolation and shame and begin to know that they are not the only one, that they are no longer alone is very powerful. As one man put it – Someone says a word and I have a sentence. Someone says a sentence and I have a paragraph about my life. I have the freedom to speak about what I always thought was “my dirty little secret” in a way that I never thought I could. This has given me a sense of belonging and community.”

— Caroline, Counsellor

“Since coming to work here in the DRCC, I feel extremely proud to be part of an organization that works together on so many different levels to offer support and encouragement to help heal the hurts of rape and sexual abuse.”

— Catherine, Counsellor

“Those of us working on the crisis telephone line counselling team know that it is a privilege and an exceptional experience to be a member of staff at the DRCC. Very often we are the place of first contact for those who disclose the trauma of sexual assault and abuse experienced both as adults and children. For many people, contact with us would be a first time disclosure of such hurt. The isolation has the possibility to shatter and we are here to facilitate the opening up of a process of recovery to reflect a myriad of human experience. We can facilitate an empowering of the human being that can lead to self healing. This is indeed a working endeavour we cherish and hold pride in.”

— Telephone Counselling Team

“The clients are amazing. They are so courageous. Working here really makes you believe in the human spirit. The Centre has changed a lot, it is much more professional now and so much busier. There are a lot more men now and a lot of women of different nationalities. So many clients over the years have told me how safe they feel here. They sense an atmosphere of calm when they come in the door. This is definitely a good place to be in”.

— Dorothy, Receptionist