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With everything that has been happening in the media lately around sexual harassment and rape, as horrendous as it is, I am glad that the veil has been lifted. These events have started conversations worldwide around the importance of consent. I was never taught about consent in school, but I know that it would have been invaluable to me, and my peers. This is what my generation, and all of the previous generations have lacked which has made for an environment where toxic behaviour and power dynamics have thrived.

Consent is about communication and should be established every time you engage in an intimate relationship. This open flow of communication means that consent can also be withdrawn, at any time, and that’s ok! People can worry that asking for consent might be a bit of a buzz-kill but communication is key for healthy sexual relationship, and shows that you have a mutual respect for each other, and each other’s boundaries.

A greater level of understanding around consent, sexual health and relationships will lead to a reduction in sexual violence, better relationships and a more conscious society.

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