Pledge YOUR support and sign up for the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – 5th June 2017

Friday, January 16th, 2015



Calling all Ladies Who Walk, Jog or Run – Join Team DRCC today!

Four years ago the DRCC began a brand new fundraising initiative the ‘YOUR’ campaign. Rape and sexual abuse can happen to anybody – and at any time.  The statistics show very clearly that all of us must be in contact with victims on a daily basis but perhaps we are never aware.  We must have friends and loved ones harbouring harrowing experiences and the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre provides the only voice for the countless victims that never share their trauma with anyone.  These victims are YOUR Sister, YOUR Friend, YOUR Colleague,  YOUR Daughter.

Registration will close the end of April 2017 for this year’s VHI Womens Mini Marathon, and we know that many of our supporters will be dusting off the running shoes and taking to the roads over the next few months, getting themselves in shape for the big day on the June Bank Holiday Monday.

So please run, walk, stroll for TEAM DRCC. Please help us put together our biggest ever team this year and help us spread the message of the YOUR campaign – that it touches the lives of everyone in Ireland, through friends or family members or colleagues.  Each DRCC T-Shirt will carry a message such as:

I’m running for YOUR Sister
I’m running for YOUR Friend
I’m running for YOUR Daughter
I’m running for YOUR Son

So pledge your support and receive your t-shirt and sponsorship card by contacting our fundraising department. You can also set up a Mycharity / Everyday Hero page online: so please call on 01 66 14 911 or email

Don’t forget , you also need to register with the event.  Soon you’ll find entry forms in the Evening Herald on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or you can sign up online at the official event website, which is  Please note that without your registration number, the organisers will not allow you participate on the day.

Go on run with us for your loved ones and get all your friends to join you! So join Team DRCC today and help support our vital crisis counselling services.  Thank you.

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