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The power of support FROM men and women To men and women pays off

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s (DRCC) new “YOUR” campaign calling for support for the victims of sexual crimes, has quadrupled the number of runners for the Centre in this year’s Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, CEO of DRCC said “In the first four months of this year the trained Volunteers of the DRCC, accompanied 74 victims of recent rape and sexual assault to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit in the Rotunda Hospital.  Funding for the work of the centre has been cut and fundraising is more difficult in the current economic climate. To address the fall in income in order to be able to continue to deliver the much needed services, the centre has invested in developing a new brand campaign. The ‘YOUR’ campaign focuses on the personal connection with the thousands of silent voices of the victims of these heinous crimes  in Ireland.

The foundation of the campaign is focused on the power of support FROM men and women TO men and women.

Those who use our services are people we all know but we may not be aware of the pain they carry; someone’s sister, brother or work colleague. The campaign drives home the point that we should support those who may be unable to speak about their experience. The centre is here to support and we would like to invite others to join us in that support today.

The DRCC is very grateful for the increase in the support we have received for this year’s Mini Marathon in 0particular. We must attribute the increase, in no small measure, to the generousity of the family of Jill Meagher, to Fiona Doyle and to the Kavanagh Sisters, who are running for the centre this year. By declaring their support for the centre they have spurred on so many to run for us this year.  A very big thank you to everyone.”


For further information please contact:

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive, DRCC                01 6614911 / 086 809 9618

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