• By Maria

Do the victims of clerical sex abuse in the diocese of Cloyne need this report Christmas week?

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive DRCC said: The DRCC will always welcome the publication of reports into allegations of child sex abuse so that the victims/survivors can get justice. It is important that we as a society can learn from the terrible ignorance and atrocities of the past so that these atrocities will not be repeated in the future. However, to have this report published Christmas week is insensitive to put it at its mildest. Victims calling the National 24 hour helpline are angry and upset at the timing of this publication, as Christmas is an emotive time for them anyway.

However, we hope that the publication of Chapter 9 in full, will give those survivors of clerical sexual abuse validation, and that they know that their stories are truly believed, and that the cover up that was endemic in the Cloyne diocese has now been exposed in its entirety.

There are two very important numbers available for any person who needs support as a consequence of these revelations ; the HSE National Counselling Service Helpdesk 1 800 234 116 and the Rape Crisis Centre National 24 hour helpline 1 800 77 88 88. Anyone needing support and/or help will be given what they need by ringing either of these numbers.

The Children First Guidance Document was updated and published earlier in the year by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Frances Fitzgerald. It is without doubt an excellent guide to everyone who has any contact with children so that our children can be safe. We urge that it is implemented throughout the country and that the Minister move on putting Children First on a statutory footing.


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