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The Dublin Rape (DRCC) welcomes the publication today of Rape and Justice in Ireland a National Study of Survivor Perpetrator and Court Responses to Rape by Conor Hanley, Dr. Deirdre Healy and Stacey Scriver from NUI Galway. This important research was commissioned by the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI).

Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive, DRCC, said “It is very disturbing to hear again how Ireland has the highest fall out in Europe, between reporting the crime of rape and sexual assault and getting a conviction in court. In the light of the recent Murphy Report and the Ryan and Ferns reports we know that there are hundreds possibly thousands of victims who never reported the crime. We know from the SAVI Report (Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland) that only 1 in 10 reports to the Gardai.

In Rape and Justice in Ireland three areas of the criminal justice system were analysed in the study, the reporting stage the prosecuting stage and the trial process. The information has been comprehensively researched and gives an excellent analysis of the reasons behind these high levels of drop out and makes a number of recommendations to address these.

However we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that only 1 in 10 reports this crime. This research deals with the 1 in 10. So many victims do not report the crime at all. It is important for these victims to know that they can get help even if they don’t want to report to the Gardai. Counselling and legal advice is available in the Rape Crisis Centres. The Sexual Assault Treatment Units now offer victims of this crime the medical support which is so crucial for their physical recovery without having to go via the Gardai.

A cause of serious concern arising out of the research findings is that very few cases of rape involving a perpetrator or victims from a middle class or more privileged background are reported to the Gardai. We know from previous Irish research, (SAVI, 2002 and a 1998 study by Marese Cheasty and Dr. Anthony Clare) and international research, that sexual violence is perpetrated equally across all social classes.”

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Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, CEO, DRCC – 01 661 4911 / 086 809 9618

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