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Support agencies today expressed concern at the likely impact of the publication of the Dublin Archdiocese Report on people who have experienced sexual abuse. Following the publication of the Ryan Report in May, thousands of people contacted counselling and advocacy services for help. Many people were telling their stories for the very first time, and had never even spoken to family members or friends.

Whenever there is media coverage of sexual abuse, survivors find that old memories are re-triggered and powerful feelings of sadness, anger and despair re-emerge. For some the distress may be overwhelming. Tragically, we know that there have been a number of suicides associated with the period after the Ryan Report.

We are urging people affected by the Dublin Report, survivors, family and friends, to reach out and seek support. Talking to an experienced counsellor can help to face what happened in the past and to deal with the impact of sexual abuse on the person’s life today.

We are asking the friends and families of survivors to be aware of how painful the next week will be for your loved one, and to be supportive. We also ask that GPs, A&E staff and other professionals be alert to the challenges facing survivors at this difficult time.

Help is available at:

24 Hour National Helpline 1 800 77 88 88

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